About Alex Baron

My Novels


Love & Time is my first novel  and follows the struggles many teenagers go through when setting out on their first true romantic journey.  

Although they attend different schools, Alan’s and Marie’s paths cross regularly as they travel on the same school bus a couple of times each week. It’s not long before Alan realizes he has a crush on Marie, and it’s not one-sided.

Once they have overcome the initial teenage angst of getting to know someone of the opposite sex, they become inseparable. However, fate gets in the way, and as Marie begins to become increasingly possessive of Alan, she resents his total commitment to football, which seems to take up all his time. When ‘the other girl’ comes on the scene, their relationship is put to the test and falls apart.

Reconciled a while later, they rebuild their relationship, but with a dysfunctional family and a relative committing suicide, the pressure becomes too much for Marie and as her mood blackens, she begins self-harming. 

Alan has his own problems to contend with, and although he is an outstanding football player, an injury in his freshman year haunts him. Frustration and anger surface and he fights to control his temper. 

With all the pressures of physical and emotional teenage love upon them, will they be able to stay the course, or is their relationship doomed to fail?

Other Interests


Apart from my novels, I have written several poems and have added some of them in my Poetry Corner on this page I will add others from time to time and would love your feedback. And who knows, maybe an Alex Baron book of poems might be available in the future. 

Join Me On My Journey



Hi, thanks for joining me on my journey. I'm originally from Athens Georgia,  and moved with my family to the Central Valley area of California when I was eleven. Educated at Amador High School and Liberty Ranch High School. When I'm not busy writing, I enjoy listening to music, travel, visiting the local beaches, and surrounding myself with the people I call family. Having written and published my first novel, I am working on my second, Love in the Resistance, details of which I will post with maybe a teaser. I also have several other avenues I am exploring and over time will add details to my website, so please revisit me here, or on my Facebook page

Poetry Corner

Love Endures


Love was never made to satisfy 

It was made to bond
Sometimes it’s a battle cry
And other times an eloquent song
The basis of human multiply
NOTHING is on top of love...
You have to love before you hate
It never changes in a permanent state
Be careful or it will shatter
Yet it’s strong enough to hold all matter
The only thing immune to time
It will last longer than the earth’s clock can chime

Moonlit Shadows


Cool air passes over forgotten ground
The bare sky lit vivid from the vivacious moon
Only old stories haunt the vacant town
No one could’ve imagined the end being so soon
The main road now worn into gravel
You can still hear wheels slowly travel
Long before shops lined up in a row
Inside are trapped souls with no place to go
“‘Til death do us part!”
I heard in the wind
They only sing in the dark
All their melancholy hymns
Destroyed by their own innovation
Governed by a body that condoned segregation
The whole time hindsight smiled in its face
The demons that controlled their souls were responsible for their fate

The Rose in the Window


Waiting tirelessly all night
Driving while under the stars
At the end of every road, there’s always a light
I’m getting so close but I still have to go far
I did this for me
Not anyone else
To God glory be
A rose from the garden to the window shelf
Surrounded by demons, so I’m thankful for patience
A blooming rose with the propensity to change nations

Letter to the Lost


You stood by me the whole way
Some don’t change ever
Others fold like a letter
We never cared what people had to say
You were someone I could trust any given day
We felt unstoppable when we were together
But we were kids who didn’t know any better
I can’t believe I called you my friend
You treat life like a game
Going around and around with no end
Closed minded, you turned to a lame
Always playing the victim, let’s not pretend
It’s all just empty memories now when I hear your name...



I am so lonely 

I traded all I had to write my own story 

I promised mom to never smoke or be hungover 

I’m now hardly sober 

Depression and stresses take over 

I tried to reach out to those who I considered family and I’m still left on read 

My mind is scattered alone in a double king bed 

“No more” I say to myself as I reach for the bottle 

Life is moving too fast at full throttle I thought fortune was the key to happiness 

Now I suffer from loneliness

My Need

All the things you put me through I still need you 

Only get this way when I’m drinking, and my feelings become see through 

Every time you said you hated me I knew it was out of love 

I gave more than I should’ve but it was never enough 

So, pour me up another glass 

One more blunt to slow me down because life is moving too fast 

You’ll still try to hit me up and I’ll pretend I never saw your call 

Because I’m chasing something bigger and I know I can’t stall 

Now I’ve moved on and started a new life 

I’m okay, I just thought one day you could’ve been my wife...